Teva BioMix 2021 OBM Workshop

This month we hosted an OBM workshop for the 2021 BioMix program.

BioMix is a program created by Teva, in collaboration with DigitalRosh, for Teva’s  Bioinnovators Forum. The Forum includes about 30 doctoral students who participate in leading research groups in Israel. 

The program has a dual purpose: on the one hand, to encourage business thinking as complementary and strengthens the scientific concept and, on the other hand, position Teva as a natural partner and first in business initiatives in the eyes of the first target population (“participants”) and the second (facilitators, group leaders, and community in Israel).

In the past year, BioMix offered to the forum’s members an annual rich program to develop their professional, inventory and personal skills by a monthly joint training of the students and their supervisors. The students were given a unique opportunity to experience the process of turning an academic invention into an innovation with a clear business profile and business understanding. The program highlight was the final competition, where the  forum students presented their ideas and the process they went through during the year. 

DigitalRosh brought the business knowledge to the project. It gave the BioInnovators forum members an opportunity to experience the initial steps of developing a business idea by using the blue ocean model. The experience has been culminated with the students presenting their initiatives to an industry forum representing the Bio Ecosystem. 

The participating PhD students were very grateful for the tools provided to them in the workshop, saying the OBM technics were much needed during this stressful period of their life.